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NatureGrowth Announces the Launch of "SafeSpace" for Sderot

Sderot, November 6, 2023
In response to the recent unsettling events in Sderot and the Otef region, NatureGrowth, a pioneer in Israel's high-tech Agtech sector,
together with Bank Hapoalim and the Sderot Development Fund,
is taking a step forward to support the community.
Today, the company announced its groundbreaking initiative, “SafeSpace”, aimed at providing immediate relief and long-term support to the people of Sderot.


Our vision is to use technology to provide future generations with secure access to sufficient, nutritional fresh produce worldwide using affordable, moral, and environmentally friendly methods.

To achieve this vision, we have created the world's largest Agtech incubator, which shall incubate and launch no less than 80 globally disrupting cutting-edge agricultural innovations by 2031, all based on Israeli science and supported by sovereign grants.


NatureGrowth has constructed a cutting-edge innovation center in the heart of the city of Sderot, one hour South of Tel Aviv. The center includes offices and labs for our team and portfolio companies. 

ESG/SDG Policy

NatureGrowth will operate based upon a clear ESG/SDG policy, with periodic public reporting, and will require its 80 portfolio companies to create and adhere to a clear ESG/SDG policy created with NatureGrowth's guidance.



Portfolio Companies

NatureGrowth 's Investment Committee, led by Lazer Bezdin (CIO) seeks, screens, and selects technologies that have all of the following elements:

1. The technology is in one of the five agricultural categories recognized by our team:
Class A – Biology, Genetics, and Special Crops

This subcategory includes genetics, breeding, bio-organic inputs and treatments, and growth ingredients for

protein alternatives, fertilizers, pesticides, and biopharmaceuticals.                   

Class B - Smart Farming 

This subcategory includes sensors, data analytics & AI, farm management software, machinery, robotics, and drones

for pest management, crop security, forecasting, and increased productivity.

Class C - Novel Farming Systems 
This subcategory includes greenhouses and materials, hydroponics, indoor and vertical farming solutions, smart

irrigation and water management, and energy solutions for agriculture.

Class D – Livestock, Poultry, and Aquaculture.
This subcategory includes animal health, monitoring, feed, and growth structures and systems.  

Class E - Post-Harvest
This subcategory includes storage, treatments, shelf-life prolonging, waste, supply chain, packaging, and

food-safety technologies.

2. The technology is innovative and can be protected by intellectual property.

3. The technology addresses a material 'gap' in global agriculture, leading to a potential valuation of no less than $200M                once developed; and

4. The technology can be fully incubated (until becoming an independent viable entity with a product or full proof of concept)    within 2 years, with a $2M budget.

Join Us 

To apply to join our incubator, kindly fill out our Application Form



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