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Portfolio Companies

NatureGrowth's Investment Committee, led by Dr. Gaya Lauren (CTO) seeks, screens, and selects technologies that have all of the following elements:

1. The technology is in one of the five agricultural categories recognized by our team:
Class A – Biology, Genetics, and Special Crops

This subcategory includes genetics, breeding, bio-organic inputs and treatments, and growth ingredients for

protein alternatives, fertilizers, pesticides, and biopharmaceuticals.                   

Class B - Smart Farming 

This subcategory includes sensors, data analytics & AI, farm management software, machinery, robotics, and drones

for pest management, crop security, forecasting, and increased productivity.

Class C - Novel Farming Systems 
This subcategory includes greenhouses and materials, hydroponics, indoor and vertical farming solutions, smart

irrigation and water management and energy solutions for agriculture.

Class D - Livestock, Poultry, and Aquaculture.
This subcategory includes animal health, monitoring, feed, and growth structures and systems.  

Class E - Post-Harvest
This subcategory includes storage, treatments, shelf-life prolonging, waste, supply chain, packaging and

food-safety technologies.

2. The technology is innovative and can be protected by intellectual property.

3. The technology addresses a material 'gap' in global agriculture, leading to a potential valuation of no less than $200M                 once developed; and

4. The technology can be fully incubated (until becoming an independent viable entity with a product or full proof of concept) within 2 years, with a $2M budget.

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