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NatureGrowth Announces the Launch of SafeSpace
for Sderot


 In response to the recent unsettling events in Sderot and the Otef region, NatureGrowth, a pioneer in Israel's high-tech Agtech sector, together with Bank Hapoalim and the Sderot Development Fund, is taking a step forward to support the community. Today, the company announced its groundbreaking initiative, SafeSpace, aimed at providing immediate relief and long-term support to the people of Sderot.

SafeSpace for Emergency Crews
As coffee shops and restaurants remained closed in Sderot, NatureGrowth is dedicating the main lobby of its facility as a community coffee shop, providing soldiers, policemen, city servants, and journalists, a secure place to rest and refresh themselves, complete with complimentary food, drinks and amenities and a safe and quiet place for rest and meditation. 

SafeSpace for Small Businesses
NatureGrowth recognizes the city's entrepreneurial spirit and expects its small businesses will soon want to return and operate from Sderot. With a lack of workspaces in Sderot, the SafeSpace initiative will dedicate most of its space to become a common workspace for startups and small businesses, providing furnished private and communal working areas and a full range of essential amenities from high-speed internet to conference rooms to expert consultations, ensuring businesses have the support they need to thrive.

SafeSpace for NGOs 
NatureGrowth will allocate a portion of its facilities for NGOs, requiring a ‘frontline center’ in Sderot. The first NGO, Brothers and Sisters for Israel (Achim Laneshek) has already requested a space for its Sderot operations.

SafeSpace for Remembrance
SafeSpace will create a remembrance space for the October 7 victims and a place for prayer for the safe return of the abductees. 


In 2024, once the city regains its vitality, NatureGrowth plans to resume its primary focus to create a global AgTech incubator, solidifying Sderot's position as a high-tech hub.

As NatureGrowth desires to provide these services at no cost, NatureGrowth launched a campaign to raise the required funds from renowned Israeli corporations and global Jewish organizations. Bank Hapoalim and the Sderot Development Fund pioneered the campaign. Contributions can be made as donations via the Sderot Development Fund or as investments through NatureGrowth LP.

Oren Heiman, NatureGrowth’s CEO commented:

"Times of adversity often bring out the best in communities. With SafeSpace, we hope to create a lasting positive impact. While we cannot change what has happened, we can shape what's to come."

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